Life's a bitch then you die that's why we get high..

Anonymous said: What 'll make u hppy thn? :#

That the people that I’ve hurted forgave me. That I can talk to the people that I miss. Hug the people who are gone.. And if I stop hurting people it would already be a lot.

Anonymous said: Aren't You?

Idk not really

Anonymous said: What i Say ... What do You want inyour life? What's first thought.

I just want to be happy, that’s all I want..

Anonymous said: What do You want in your life? :)

What do you mean?

Anonymous said: You're gorgeous. Small reminder in case someone forgot to tell you today.

Thankyou babe

alltheboyslovemandylane said: what's up buddy?

I’m fine wbu

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